What is The Best Antivirus?

Human lives have greatly changed due to the advent of computers and internet. Daily tasks, work, education, fun and entertainment can be done using computers with an internet connection. In addition to that, we even do financial transactions online, share our personal data and do other sensitive tasks. That’s why malicious individuals found it to be an interesting place to be and they started hacking through our devices, internet and computers in order to gain access to sensitive data, accounts and system resources. It doesn’t matter if you are using shared hosting or a cheap windows VPS, you need to get an antivirus.

However, there are tons of antiviruses in the market today and we might have a difficult time finding the right one for us. Therefore, we’re going to see some of the best antivirus on the market today. Let’s begin.


This antivirus comes with free and paid versions, both equally powerful enough to block malicious software from attacking us. The free version is set and forgets, making it a hassle free and lightweight installation experience. You don’t need to configure anything and it will automatically scan your system at the right time in order to lessen impact on your system resources. The paid version has a much more advanced set of features and more powerful set of scanning tools. It also includes a firewall and you’ll have much control over the software and settings itself.


The most popular free antivirus comes with an extensive list of features that even power users can find beneficial. However, the paid version comes with more customization features, scanning schedules and better firewall to replace Window’s built-in firewall software. Nevertheless, for an average user and a computer for daily use, the free version is more than sufficient.


Another popular free antivirus software, the AVG antivirus scored high on test labs, though it’s not comparable to Bitdefender’s Total Security suite. It offers comprehensive software control that will enable you to customize every aspects of the antivirus software. The free version, like Avast offers basic level of protection, but much better and more advanced than the default windows defender built into the operating system. The paid versions offer powerful firewall, file vault and more advanced features.

Kaspersky Antivirus

Another popular name in the world of antivirus software is Kaspersky. Offering a comprehensive suite of scanning, firewall, software protection and more, Kaspersky will provide you with a powerful set of antivirus combat tools. However, unlike the latter antiviruses we discussed earlier, Kaspersky doesn’t have a free version. Their products come into two types, home and business editions, which are perfectly suitable for a certain condition.

There are still a lot of antiviruses out there, but these are the top of the line antivirus software that you need to give a try.