About Us

Hello and welcome to Win Antivirus Pro. My name is Rick Dickinson and I am a computer virus expert. I also run a small IT consultation firm and a PC repair shop. I’ve been using computers since I was a kid and I learned a lot of things about them. Today, I am an established businessperson with a wife and two sons.

In today’s era, we are using computers in our everyday lives. From checking your bank account, applying for something, buying something, connecting with friends, watching videos, entertainment and more, most of our everyday appliances are being replaced by a single machine: a PC. If in the early days, you’ll have to purchase a TV, DVD player and Radio in order to have a full blown entertainment, today, a single mid-range PC can do all of those three machines can with ease and more control and freedom. And because of that, criminals also evolved and they became cyber criminals who are determined to gain access to your personal computer in order to snoop at you, gather important and sensitive data or just leech your computer’s system resources like the RAM, CPU and bandwidth.

That’s why we need a powerful antivirus to shield us from those malicious cyber criminals. With a good and powerful antivirus, your PC can be very hard to hack or penetrate, especially if you don’t visit suspicious websites. This website will help you understand these viruses and malicious hackers and help you find the most powerful antivirus in the market to help you protect your precious information from these malicious hackers.

Hope you enjoy reading my website!